Hui-Ting Hong

Look at Me

Video Projection, Real-Time Interaction

2020 | cooperate project | performer @ Arts Center Tsing Hua

“When we look at each other, the first impression of a person comes from the way we look at ourselves.”
In this installation, the performer sit still in front of the audience, while we can see our captured face projected on the performer in real-time. We could see how we laugh and also the different expressions on our faces. It may just like looking in a mirror, a mirror projected on a real person. And so, are we look at ourselves or are we still look at the person sit in front of you?

This work “Look at Me” is part of EUR-ArTeC MIP Workshop 2020 (supervised by Chu-Yin CHEN, Jean-François JEGO & Remy SOHIER), focuses on the investigation of Immersive Improvisation in Interactive Art (3IA).

Movement | *Hui-Ting Hong
Concept / Design | Ya-Kuei Chang, Ella Gouët, Mourad Hammadache, *Hui-Ting Hong, Jui-Wei Huang, Ping-Ju Huang
Moving Image / Projection | Jui-Wei Huang, Ya-Kuei Chang
Spatial Design / Installation | Ella Gouët, Mourad Hammadache
Video | INREV-AIAC laboratory of the University Paris 8
Special Thanks | Arts Center Tsing Hua