Hui-Ting Hong



2019 | solo project | director, performer, choreographer @ Bopiliao Historic Block

How we interact with the world we live in? Why spaces could bring us different feelings and emotions? How does the feeling transform while I move my body? I move the body and try to interact with my inertial thinking, in a slow movement.

This work “Mourn” is selected as one of the stage performances in All Dance Fever, Taiwan. Feature on exploring the relation between my body and the space.

Concept / Design | *Hui-Ting Hong
Choreographer / Movement | *Hui-Ting Hong
Musical concept / Audio | Wei-Hao Chang
Video | Jun Wei (The EDGE)
Host | Mary Square
Co-organizer | Challenge inc.
Special Thanks | All Dance Fever Stage, Bopiliao Performing Art Theater