Hui-Ting Hong

Not an Ordinary Point of View

Video Projection

2022 | solo project @ Universié Paris 8

The experience of the viewer depends on the way the sense-data1 is being collected. And so is the reality we believe in.

This is a research-creation work base on investigating the theory of APPEARANCE AND REALITY(Bertrand Russell) during the creation process. It’s barely possible to ‘see’ a real description of an object. We are all in a habit of judging things as they appear while the truth is it’s different between what things seem to be and what they are.

“When, in ordinary life, we speak of the colour of the table, we only mean the sort of colour which it will seem to have to a normal spectator from an ordinary point of view under usual conditions of light. But the other colours which appear under other conditions have just as good a right to be considered real; and therefore, to avoid favouritism, we are compelled to deny that, in itself, the table has any one particular colour.”, Russell, Bertrand. The problems of philosophy. OUP Oxford, 2001. Chapter 1. APPEARANCE AND REALITY.

1 : here could be a generalized term from Russell’s idea of sense-data in « The Problem of Philosophy. OUP Oxford, 2001. »

keywords: appearance, reality, spectator, view point.

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