Hui-Ting Hong


Performance Art, Photography

2020 | solo project | director, performer @ NTU

Our understanding on perceiving an image is based on a certain common ground we learned, and later generate different perspectives. Human body lives in the current society, and there are always some turbulence happened due to the circumstances and our own active/passive awareness. When two individuals coexist, even if they are accommodated in a same story, when they put into the same pose, it will still look different, not from the color, the shape but from our muscules, our expression and our feelings. Since every body has their own experience, we transmit the imformation unconsciousnessly in the muscles and with new information feed in, we shape the perception we have known and push it further to a more tuggled stage. It is hoped that the perception difference between two individuals can be presented in a large amount of static images. Each individual participating in the exhibition will also have their perception of the images they are viewing.


歪斜的狀態是基於某種特定的共通性後,產生分歧。而人類肉體存在每天生活的空間時,會因為當下的環境(氣、場)以及自身主動/被動意識的接收,而有些微的差異, 當兩個個體並存時,即便共享同一個空間並容納於同一個故事內容,也會因本身過去經驗或是釋放、接收程度的差異,而在主觀意識上產生變異,並有意識無意識間在身體肌肉向外呈現、場的傳達上產生層次的落差。希望這樣兩個個體間的落差透過大量靜態的呈現,能讓展場每個參與的個體也擁有各自對所觀看的現象本身,產生錯落的理解。

Concept / Design | *Hui-Ting Hong
Photography Image | 蔡尹馨
Movement | *Hui-Ting Hong
First Stage Experimental Models | 王翊庭、謝漢威
Models | 王振鑫、李安安、李政霖、周展帆、林麗謙、施絜晴、徐維慧、陳令原、陳則伸、張濟琛、張雅貴、游雅竹、榮敏淳、鄭鈺潔、蔡尹竣、蔡允恩、蔡沅儒、羅祖欣 (依姓氏筆畫排序)
Special Thanks | 李嘉、吳亭儀