Hui-Ting Hong

Seeking in the Dark

Movement, Theater, Video Projection

2020 | cooperate project | performer, choreographer @ Huashan Umay Theater

When we face the screen, via the Internet; via remote connection platforms; switch between virtuality and reality, a world seems to overlap with one another, like multiple faces staring at each other.

This work “Seeking in the Dark” is part of Face2Face project (curated by Mediations Biennale director - Tomasz Wendland), aims to explore the interaction between different media (Media) and interfaces (Surface).

Concept / Design | Yi-Hsuan Liu, Jui-Wei Huang, *Hui-Ting Hong
Choreographer / Movement | *Hui-Ting Hong
Moving Image / Projection | Yi-Hsuan Liu, Jui-Wei Huang
Musical concept / Audio | Kuba Heland, Lena Ktosińska
Spatial Design / Installation | Yi-Hsuan Liu, Jui-Wei Huang
Video | Yi-Hsuan Liu
Special Thanks | Huashan Umay Theater